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AI Infotech is a leading Training Institute in Pune providing Quality and Affordable Training Services, Located in core of Apex IT Park, Baner read more..

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Why Do Students Need a Mentor?


IT graduates and professionals with <3 years of experience need a bit of assistance in terms of understanding the composition of the IT world. Share the best practices, alert them about the common mistakes.


Speak about the core technology and how it makes a positive difference in the life of IT aspirants. Introduce them to the practical aspects of the technology – how to do it, what to learn, and more.

Help them Grow

Be it freshers, starters in the industry, and seasoned professionals, everyone needs to learn & stay abreast with the latest technologies & skill sets. Assist them to step up the continuous path of learning with AI Infotech.

Can I Be A Mentor?


That’s the crux of the story, if you are a working professional having in-depth expertise & flair to assist aspirants, this is the right platform for you. Your industry experience will be a boon for the students who would be starting their IT journey.


Every student is unique and has their own way to grasp and learning things! As a mentor, you need to ensure that students adapt to the training structure and understand the course.You might have to interact on a 1-2-1 basis to ensure every student is on the same page.


Young aspirants joining the course have little idea about the corporate world! As a mentor, walk the extra mile to guide them on the upcoming opportunities!Conduct mentorship sessions that encourage a student to perform well.


As the students come from diverse backgrounds, a mentor must show compassion in understanding and letting them express their concerns if any! You must be patient enough to understand & listen to comprehend their requirements & show them the right way.

How are you Benefitted?

Brand Association

Be a part of a premier IT training Institute that comes with a legacy of a decade. Having an office in Pune and Amravati, we hold a prominent space in the IT training industry.


Earn an attractive remuneration as we honour your time, knowledge, & skillsets! That’s not all, earn incentive if you refer any student who joins a course in AI Infotech.


The IT industry offers infinite opportunities to grow, and this is the right platform to expand your horizons! Enhance your connectivity within the IT community to stay tuned.


As a mentor & guide, your learning never stops at AI Infotech! New challenges, students and real-world scenarios come up that keeps you updated

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